Camera Murah Keren

Olympus FE-46

(Rp. 1.250.000,-)

Garansi: 1 Year Service & Spareparts


Resolusi                 : 12.7 MP

Optical                   : 5 x

Battery                   : AA

LCD                         : 2.7 ”

Memory                 : MicroSD/MicroSDHC

Double-Layered Crystal Shell exterior

The FE-46 is feature a Double-Layered Crystal Shell exterior that exudes high quality and enhances both camera handling and pride of ownership. The clear transparent acrylic shell that encases the camera shimmers like a reflection in a pool of water, constantly changing colour and appearance, sometimes appearing subtle and elegant, sometimes sparkling like a glass of champagne.

Double-Layered Crystal Shell exterior

Magic Filter for more creative expression

Specially designed to expand the potential of digital photography, the new Magic Filter exploits image processing technology to turn scenes of everyday life into extraordinary images that are distinctive and compelling. Simple to operate, Magic Filter makes it easy for users to apply a colour tone or ambience to an image that is dramatically different from that which is actually visible in real life.


Exaggerates colors for that colourful, vivid look that will transform usual views to the world of Pop art.


Recreates the nostalgic look of photos taken with a pinhole camera.


Transforms the subject and background you see into an intriguing line drawing sketch.


Uses soft tones to create a delicate, dreamy world.

AF Tracking

When the camera is used to take pictures of a fast-moving child or pet, it tracks the moving subject automatically and keeps it continually in focus so that the user can take a picture with optimum focus and brightness (exposure) simply by pressing the shutter button at any time. Even when the subject disappears from the framing area, the camera resumes tracking whenever the subject returns inside the frame so even a very quickly moving subject can be shot without problem . Apart from shooting moving subjects, this function is also convenient when identifying the optimum shooting angle while keeping the subject focused.

Box Content

2 AA Battery / USB&AUDIO/VIDEO cable / Camera case / Strap / microSD attachment: MASD-1 / OLYMPUS Master 2 software CD-ROM / Manual.

And more

  • Face Detection that detects up to 16 human faces automatically
  • Large 2.7-inch LCD monitor for easy framing
  • Simple still image editing function that can compensate for backlit images and red-eye even after shooting
  • LCD Boost button for easy verification of the subject even under bright light

MASD-1 microSD attachment provided to enable recording and playback to/from microSD and microSDHC Cards

Fuji FinePix Z35

(Rp. 1.250.000,-)

Garansi: 1 Year Service & Spareparts


Resolusi                : 10 MP,

Optical                  : 3 x,

LCD                         : 2.5 “,

Memory                : SD,

Movie                    : AVI (Motion JPEG) with sound

Audio                     : WAVE format, Monaural sound

Battery                  : Lithium NP-45A

Face Detection, Anti-blur mode (Picture Stabilization),

High-quality Shooting Functions,

Hubungi  Shuniyya

GSM              : 08174101370

CDMA           : 021 – 94701370

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